Features & Benefits

Our unique electrolytic oxidation
technology offers the following features:

  1. Treats high COD levels of toxic, recalcitrant organics up to 10,000 mg/L.

  2. Treats biodegradable organics, ammonia, sulphur, bacteria, and pathogens.

  3. Oxidizes pollutants to CO2, H2O, N2, and recovers high-purity H2 (99.99%).

  4. Low energy consumption with minimal parasitic losses.

  5. A chemical-free operation, has no supporting electrolyte, and produces no sludge.

  6. Able to operate at a wide range of temperatures and pressures and is not sensitive to pH variability.

  7. A continuous, single-pass process with short contact time.

  8. A compact, modular design for easy installation.

  9. Incorporates low-cost, long-life electrodes.

  10. Includes no fouling or deterioration of electrodes.

  11. Offers fast response, start-up, and shutdown.

  12. Robust, durable, and reliable.

  13. Designed for high-volume manufacturing.


This results in the following benefits
for our industrial and municipal customers:

  1. Low capital,

  2. Low operating costs,

  3. Low power consumption and energy costs,

  4. High pollutant removal efficacy – not sensitive to influent quality,

  5. Versatility treating a wide range of pollutants in a single process,

  6. Reduced cost of sludge dewatering, handling, and disposal,

  7. No hazardous chemicals to store and no handling costs,

  8. No hazardous waste by-products,

  9. Simple and easy installation and operation,

  10. Minimal maintenance or operator requirements,

  11. Suitability for distributed wastewater solutions,

  12. Integration into new or existing plants,

  13. Small footprint.

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